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aza-Michael Addition of Primary Amines by Lipases and Microwave Irradiation: A Green Protocol for the Synthesis of Propanenitrile Derivatives

[ Vol. 1 , Issue. 2 ]


Yara Jaqueline Kerber Araujo and Andre Luiz Meleiro Porto   Pages 87 - 93 ( 7 )


In this study aza-Michael addition reactions were used as a Green chemistry protocol to synthesize propanenitrile derivatives. The reactions were performed in both presence and absence of lipases, under orbital shaking and microwave irradiation, using water as a protic solvent and hexane as an aprotic solvent. aza-Michael adducts were synthesized with acceptable yields, under microwave irradiation and water as solvent in the presence of lipase from Candida antarctica in a very short period of time (30 s). The study shows that lipases can be used as a microwave reactor to significantly reduce the reaction time so that yields similar to those of orbital shaking can be obtained.


Acrylonitrile, amines, biocatalysis, Candida antarctica, catalysts, lipases, michael addition, microwave irradiation, nitriles, orbital shaker, solvent, water.


Laboratorio de Química Organica e Biocatalise, Instituto de Química de Sao Carlos, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Av. Joao Dagnone, nº 1100, Ed. Química Ambiental, J. Santa Angelina, 13563-120, Sao Carlos, SP, Brazil.

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